Behind The Scenes: Animal 1 Lounge Pants


Hey you! Welcome to the making of my first lounge pants! I wanted to go into depth about this collection because I believe it’ll be dope.

I been wanting to drop some lounge pants for a while! My boy hit me up asking if I can make this style of pants for him and my eyes lit up because now I had a reason to sew them and make a pattern! Haha I just took my lounge shorts pattern, extended it down greatly and formed an open end on the pants. I took some dimensions out more like the crotch and butt area because I want tons of room there. They’re lounge pants after all right?

For this collection, I decided to go with sweater knit. Don’t let the name fool you! It’s not a hot fabric. It’s very lightweight and spacious! I have access to many many prints of sweater knit which is another reason I chose it.

Testing my pattern:

When I test my patterns, I search for the cheapest fabric there is out there in stores (because I can just drive there and grab it). In this case, cotton won! I went get a few yards of cotton and began the process. The first was a sample pair. To note: I use poster board for all of my patterns. Paper rip too easy and chips away at my patterns so I need something that’s heavier that’ll stay put when cutting. Okay back to the topic: I didn’t have hopes of taking pictures in them. It was just for testing but hey, came out great right?

Lol only thing I decided to do on this is extend the length. Everything else was PERFECT. I want them to not hang on the shoes but touch the shoes if you get my drift? Being that cotton (non stretch) fit me great, I KNEW a knit fabric would be 10x better.

Cutting the fabric:

The scariest part of my job, the most important part of my job, and the make it or break it of my job. No matter if it’s sewn perfectly, if the pattern cutting is screwed, you’re screwed. Over the years I’ve learned to put great attention into this part. So for all my sewist? Make sure you have fresh blades on your rotary cutters at all times!!!! Crucial. No sliding of fabric. 🙏🏾

Sewing and stitching:

Sweater knit, If you’re a beginner, it relatively hard to sew. I started with flannel fabric and later went into knit fabric. Let me tell you, if you can sew knit, you can sew ANYTHING. It makes sewing non stretch fabric a walk in the park. With my skills, I’m confident in sewing sweater knit. Only thing is, I have to make sure everything is double stitched because it’s easy for seams to come apart.

The reward:

Although I wanted them a little longer, perfection happened. I’m so weird about loose clothing because I’m so used to everything fitting to my body hahaa when I first put everything on, it was dope but I felt weird because they were loose fitting 😖 after the pics and seeing them on camera, I fell in love.

Don’t tell my boy but I’m including some in his other package he ordered so he’ll get some for free LOL!

To wrap it up, these are great pants to do absolutely anything in. You can style them how I do because I have to present my product LOL or you can wear them to walk the dog or go to bed in. Whatever it is, these pants can do the job. If you’ve purchased or you’re going to purchase, thank you so much. Back then when I first started I used to say I hope you love your handsewn Liddles but now I say, I KNOW you’ll enjoy your handsewn liddles!!!

Trevor Goodie

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