Lounge Pants Revision: Closed Bottom

As we all know, revisions are part of the product making process. You drop one idea thinking you like it then another idea comes flying and you’re like “well, I like that a lot more”. Haha that’s kind of what we have here. I wore my lounge pants to the gym on last Friday and […]

Behind The Scenes: Animal 1 Lounge Pants

Hey you! Welcome to the making of my first lounge pants! I wanted to go into depth about this collection because I believe it’ll be dope. I been wanting to drop some lounge pants for a while! My boy hit me up asking if I can make this style of pants for him and my […]

Whole Food. Processed Food. What’s the difference?

Let’s begin with a few numbers: 697,000 dead from heart disease in 2020 and that number is only increasing.  130 MILLION (130,000,000 in case you needed to see the number) adults have diabetes in 2022.  1.9 MILLION new cases of cancer will be diagnosed this year along with over 600,000 dying from it alone.  52.9 […]

Finding My Balance

I’ve always believed I could be anything in the world. I would be the first 100% stuttering president if I wanted and I really believe that. Where I find my struggle comes in at is my daily schedule. If you knew my successes, you’d know my daily schedule means the most to me. It’s my […]

Weird Places: Phil Heath Classic 2022 -Post Show

“Shit, I have to park….I’m 40 minutes late for my first tan session! Fuck!!! Wait, forgot my spit cup. Maybe I can spit more while waiting to tan and weigh-in to try to make weight or hopefully there’s a gym area I can hit the stair stepper or a sauna. I hope they have SOMETHING.”   […]

Don’t Try to Keep Up!

“Dope! New trend!! That new hairstyle is clean too. The new Gucci bags are amazing! Did you see the new AirPods? That 14 year old is making more more money reviewing games on YouTube than I am. There goes a 13 year old breaking a new world record.”  In this information age we’re bombarded on […]

Dear Athlete: Praise and the Unseen

Me: “Babe, I feel I don’t get enough recognition for my body. Like I don’t see anyone walking around like that.  Her: “Well everyone looks at you and stares at you in regards to respect.” Me: “BUT I NEVER SEE THEM LOOKING!!! I see nothing. Those “good jobs” or “you look amazing” or “good lift” […]

The Will to Continue

Ya know, I wouldn’t say things have been hard for me lately, like the past few months but it’s been mentally challenging to say the least. Like, my life isn’t bad!!! I live a dream bro. I wake up everyday to do what I love. I run a business and I body-build for a living. […]

­­Lounge Pants & Goodwill

3:57am 01.30.2022     Sitting on the couch, in a dark front room. Laptop light, blasting in my face with 2011 Mr. Olympia on the big screen as I prepare to start my day. Don’t worry, Nicole and the puppy dogs are getting their beauty sleep. I have my coffee and I made sure to make […]