Hope For the Hopeless…



April 11th, 2020

Look….I know times are tough. I KNOW THIS. I’m living it with you. Jobs are getting taken away, we are stuck in the damn house..can’t visit family or friends. ☹ It’s pretty sad times to be honest. I just want things back to normal. Just like plenty of us do. I made a video about this but I was stuttering too much and couldn’t control it so I decided to just write it instead. LOL

Besides it being sad, I believe there’s a hidden message in all of this. Maybe something is trying to tell us to slow down. There’s something out there that is making us realize, we aren’t as strong as we believe. We sit here and take so much shit for granted. Even for me, things like the ability to go to the gym is eye opening. To have dinner with family and friends…have get togethers, etc. Even though I normally live quarantined anyways, haha I’m still affected by this. It’s still a huge change in my life. Ya know?

Thankfully I’m still employed but some people aren’t and that breaks my damn heart. It does. Even though it’s not me. I feel the pain. People have kids to feed bruh!!! But let me tell you this….I know it’s hard. I know it’s tough…but don’t you dare stop fighting. Don’t you dare hang your head right now. We got this…I got this…we ALL got this and I believe that. This crap won’t last forever and when it’s over, we’ll bounce back like no other…and most importantly, we’ll look at life a little different. Maybe we won’t take so much for granted. Maybe we’ll love more!!! I really hope so.

I’m dozing in and out writing this. It’s almost 2am…..i’m going to bed now. But listen…if you’re reading this and going through it…keep your head up please. If we got breath, we are blessed! There’s so many people going through tougher times, I promise. I know it’s hard but we’ll make it out of this…better than we’ve ever been. I love you! <3

PS: Now is the perfect time to love more. Lend someone a smile…..message someone and compliment them.  When I’m hurting, I find giving love a reliever. It works, I promise. People need your energy.

And people stayed at home

And read books

And listened

And they rested

And did exercises

And made art and played

And learned new ways of being

And stopped and listened

More deeply.

Someone meditated, someone prayed

Someone met their shadow

And people began to think differently

And people healed.

And in the absence of people who

Lived in ignorant ways

Dangerous, meaningless and heartless,

The earth also began to heal

And when the danger ended and

People found themselves

They Grieved for the dead

And made new choices

And dreamed of new visions

And created new ways of living

And completely healed the earth

Just as they were healed.

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