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    Sitting on the couch, in a dark front room. Laptop light, blasting in my face with 2011 Mr. Olympia on the big screen as I prepare to start my day. Don’t worry, Nicole and the puppy dogs are getting their beauty sleep. I have my coffee and I made sure to make her some too. Promise. Haha but I’m sure you’re asking why he’s awake at 4am? I have to change my schedule. I’m so much of an overnight worker but as most of you may know, I have a bodybuilding show on April 2nd and I was told that we start fasted cardio on Monday when the gym opens. I’m assuming 5am. Afterwards we have to be back at the gym for 10 for our session. All that to say, I’ll have to get my rest because things are heating up rather fast. New plan Is sleeping by 10:30am and awake by 4. Meaning, less naps ☹

   Now, to get back on subject, LOL This weekend I started to experiment a little with baggier pants. I’m so used of my clothing fitting me tight to my body that I get so weirded out seeing myself in baggy pants or shorts. Same with sneakers and dress shoes. When I try to change things up, and wear some dope kicks, I hate it because I’m so used to seeing myself without socks!!!! Weird. So even if it looks good I still won’t like it. Well, I started off by using my lounge shorts pattern. The loose fitting shorts? Yeah, those. I just extended the length of them to where they fit in a capris style manner. Pattern was cut to a 36 and made sure to put the pockets on first. After, I baste stitched one leg  (used a long stitch just to hold fabric in place) to make sure they fit and I believe we have ourselves a winner!!! I actually LOVE how they look. Not like, I LOVE. So weird for me because I’m a fitted pants type of man. I’m happy about it.

We started off with a checkered cotton pattern. Black and white to be exact. They came out fabulous! I’ll throw some pictures into this blog post displaying them but we had a problem.

I just purchased that cotton fabric because it was cheap. That’s what I normally do…if I know my pattern isn’t exact and I need fabric to test it, I just go to the clearance to try to find some CHEAPPPP fabric. If none is on clearence, I resort to cotton. I try to stay far away from cotton in terms of selling tho. The benefits are: SOO MANY OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM omg. There’s every print you can think of. Downside: SHRINKS……FADES…..idk. After a wash I hate them. Maybe if I hand wash but ummm I’m lazy 😛 Anyways, I had some extra bubble crepe animal print fabric that I purchased a lot of that I didn’t even sell. So it was free game and I cut a pattern out of those. That’s my more expensive fabric so I value it a lot. Specialty ordered.

The result?

Mind Blowing.

Seriously. I looked at Nicole after I put them on and was like “yeah, I’m selling them for sure”. Haha!!

I knew I had my pants but I wanted a suit jacket because it was pretty cold out. One thing about me………I don’t spend big lump sums of money on one thing. I hate it. Lol I spend a lot on small things. A lot of small things. What I’m saying is I wasn’t going to go out and spend 250 dollars on a suit jacket. NO SIR!!! So I seen a Goodwill on my way home and decided to stop to find a cheap jacket to go with my pants. BOOM, green. Lets throw the whole shit off. Lets do it. I’m brave enough, LETS DO IT!!! Haha I was really happy about that jacket. It costed me 8 bucks. Same jacket in stores wouldve ran me over 100 bucks. Not torn, Not worn down, Not faded, NOTHING. I got a steal! See it all come together below.

To elaborate on the above, it doesn’t matter where you get your clothing or how much you paid for your clothing. Don’t’ have society out here making you make stupid ass decisions just to say it’s a certain brand or you paid this much for it. That doesn’t even matter whatsoever. If it makes you feel good when you put it on, WEAR IT!!!!!!!!!! I got this from a goodwill. A thrift store. I can promise you after you see this outfit, there will be nothing about thrift store written on me. I looked great. I walked in there with pride, grabbed a jacket with pride. Even asked 2 people how it look on me because dressing rooms were closed and they said great! Haha Don’t be embarrassed. The cost don’t matter…..how well you wear it matters. The clothes never made the man. EVER.


Bubble Crepe Animal Print fabric. Lightweight, comfortable, beautiful.

I receive many compliments. Everyday. It’ll be a weird day if I didn’t get a compliment on something BUT last night was probably the most compliments and attention I’ve ever got in public. It was actually pretty cool. When I hear “Man dope pants” or “omg, your outfit looks amazing”, aye I love that. I don’t care if you think im fine or cute or whatever. I have a girl. That don’t bother me. But them “nice pants” compliment will def make my head turn. Haha! I’m not talking about compliments from last night to brag on nothing………..im saying that because according to societal judgements, the pants are dope. And we selling these bad boys. I’ll place an order for 8 yards and when it comes in, WE ROLLING!!!

Wait! That didn’t even steal my heart. The thing that stole my heart was me coming out of the bathroom and seeing the entire table on my website looking for the pants I’m wearing. It was heart warming bro. My soul was pretty filled.

I’ll go ahead and wrap this up. Thanks for reading my blog! I’m now happy to have an area to share my thoughts and my journals. I’m excited about My Liddle World. Hope you are too!

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