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Liddles gives you the opportunity to add stripes to an Original pair of Liddles or our Solid Lounge Pants! Colors? We have plenty. Shop our Original Liddles collection or our Solid Lounge Pants below. Don’t forget, ADD STRIPES! 🙂 It’s free of charge.

Handmade: From Fabric to Clothing

Liddles clothing is handmade starting from ordering yards of fabric to sewing the fabric to packaging and shipping. Shop sustainable fashion. 


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In a world where fast fashion rules and society has loss connection with how their clothing is made, where it is made, and the individual who made it, Liddles tries to bring you into the production process of sewing clothing. Up close and personal with the person sewing your shorts.

What We Offer

Liddles clothing offers the most comfortable unisex stretch shorts and pants you’ll find on the market. Whether you want fit to body or loose fitting shorts/pants, we have them. Made from scratch.


Our joggers are usually fitted to the body. Women and men joggers are available.

Loose fitting shorts

These shorts will be your typical store bought shorts as far as fitting goes. Loose at the thighs and crotch. These shorts are full-stretch as well!

Fit to Body Shorts

Our hottest shorts on the market! The premium fit to body Original Liddles can't be found anywhere else. Full stretch shorts as well. From animal print to stripes to plaid. Click "shop" below to check the selection!

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Order Turnaround times.

Hi! This is a big question i get asked often. Please allow me 7-14 business days to complete your order. I know it’s not your typical 1 hour trip to the store but your product is sewn with great care and a lot of work! Please be patient with me. If you need to contact me, please send me an email at questions@buyliddles.com and i’ll get back to you within the same business day. THANKS FOR TAKING A CHANCE ON ME AND I DON’T HOPE….I KNOW YOU’LL LOVE YOUR HANDSEWN LIDDLES!

For Order updates or questions, you can reach me at questions@buyliddles.com. Please don't refer to social
media. With email i'll get back to you within the business