Lounge Pants Revision: Closed Bottom


As we all know, revisions are part of the product making process. You drop one idea thinking you like it then another idea comes flying and you’re like “well, I like that a lot more”. Haha that’s kind of what we have here. I wore my lounge pants to the gym on last Friday and Will said he loves them and then said “but why you ain’t closed the bottom!!” And it made me realize, since all of my pants selections are basically closed bottoms, I may as well try out a different style.

I went home over the weekend for my mom’s service and I sewed me 3 pair of lounge pants with the closed bottoms and that’s when I realized that this is what I’m going with and nothing can change my mind. Yet!! LOL

I added a 1in elastic band at the bottom of both legs giving it a “parachute pants” old bodybuilding swag type look. It’s a different style. A different vibe and people love different. At least I do!!!!

My leopard lounge pants didn’t sell yet but when they do I’ll contact the customer to ask if they would like them as shown or closed bottom. Hopefully can take new pictures of them before then!

Tomorrow, I will have a new drop in my new lounge pants. See below. It’s a grey floral. Omg. BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I’m so excited to display them tomorrow. It’ll have the new and improved closed bottom look to it. Can’t wait.

Until then, grab my leopard lounge pants! They’re dope, they’re comfortable, and they’re hand-sewn.

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