Weird Places: Phil Heath Classic 2022 -Post Show


“Shit, I have to park….I’m 40 minutes late for my first tan session! Fuck!!! Wait, forgot my spit cup. Maybe I can spit more while waiting to tan and weigh-in to try to make weight or hopefully there’s a gym area I can hit the stair stepper or a sauna. I hope they have SOMETHING.”  

4 hours earlier:

Enters Convention Center**

Eyes glaring as if spitting in a cup was a new generational phenomenon that I just invented. As if making weight for a competition was something new. In wrestling, spitting in a cup was tradition. It’s just what we did. We would do sauna work, go to the wrestling room in trash bags and roll around for an hour and lose 8 pounds. After we’d spit in a cup and DONT DARE swallow an ounce of nothing!!!! Until we make weight that is. I’ve learned that suffering at a very young age because I was a 2x champion at a very young age. But that was a champion as a 16 year old. This level of champion requires much more I realized. 

As I’m getting tanned, the tanning lady is training the other tanning lady and she mentions “make sure you get those 3D delts…” My heart lit up!!! I was like YES YES! Haha that’s the first time I felt so confident going into a show. But still, deep down I didn’t know I made weight. I was happy but weight was my last demon. Couldn’t yell in excitement because what if I miss weight? I’d have to go heavy and I can’t last there. I’m just too small. I cut too far to go heavyweight now. Tanned completed and it’s now to face the thing that has haunted me the entire previous week …. The scale. 


I walk up and the guy registering was like “oh damn you spitting in a cup. You must be close to weight”….with a worried smile I told him, “yeah, I’m praying as we speak bro”. Stepped on : 197.6. It’s fucking show time!!! I knew this was my show. I knew this was my time. I knew it. I felt invincible. Like every one came to see only me. Everywhere I went eyes were glaring. Phil Heath and I even locked eyes for a minute. So happy so excited. 

Super excited I made weight. LOL


The scary voice of Bob Cicherillo, “And the 5th place award goes to….Number 20, Trevor Goodie.” Despite having to act professional in all that I do……this 5th place was different. Was I upset? OF COURSE! I’m a competitor bro. I live to win. I FIGHT to win. But this 5th place was different from all the last. I smiled. I walked up, grabbed my award, looked over while accepting my award at a table full of my boys cheering screaming, going crazy for me. At that moment I knew I won. At that moment I knew I inspired at least one of them. At that moment I knew they were so proud of me. Will came up to me, shook my hand and told me job well done. As long as I hear that from him, I’m a happy man. We talked, we discussed our next plan of action and agreed it’s time to come up in this shit. Find my place in this game. And kill it. 

I labeled this blog “Weird places” because it’s true. I have a very unique body. Very. I’m in between weight classes. Last show I went heavyweight but too small. This show I SUFFERED cutting to 198lbs, still not what we were looking for so it’s time to add mass and take over the heavyweight division at 225. It’s weird because I’m in a weird place with business too. It’s like, it will take one match to ignite the entire thing. When Will and I find our place like that’s it bro. That’s IT! Once my shorts catch the right wave, THATS IT. So it’s like I’m walking on a line of I got it, or the shit is about to come. Like…idk. I have no choice but to feel great ya know. 

To make a long story short, we had a 5th place finish at this year’s show but it’s nothing to be sad about. In a year we took my body from that to THIS. In a year we figured out prep for my body. In a year we understood at what stages during prep what to do at what time. Every time we compete, we learn. We grow…and to see my improvement in one year is pretty mind blowing. Give us 4 and watch what happen. 🙏🏾

To all of you who supported me during this prep, I needed it all bro. Thank you so much. To the people who paid for tickets to sit in that audience to support me, I love you so much. You don’t even understand. Thank you….hope y’all keep rocking with me. This is no ending. This is only the beginning and to say I’m excited to get back in the gym is an understatement. LETS GO!!! 

Trevor Goodie

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